About Us

Bina Energy Resources was incorporated in March 2008 (RC. NO. 736086) as a wholly indigenous limited liability company that offer quality services in the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry and beyond, mainly in the area of procurement and supplies. Taking advantage of investment opportunities thrown up by the local content policy formulated by the Nigerian government for Upstream sector of the Nigerian Oil Industry, it took initiative and made significant investments in the sector.

The company is duly registered with the Department of Petroleum resources and the ambit of its core operations entails marketing and consultancy bothering on the sourcing, procurement, and distribution of equipment, technology and human resources needed to service the oil and gas, manufacturing and maintenance  industries.

The company is led by a team of service procurement experts with years of experience in Business strategy, Finance and Supply chain Management who are passionately committed to delivering excellent services to our customers. Our procurement process is designed to align with the required supply chain laws and principles as prescribed by the appropriate authorities in Nigeria in other to meet the specifications of our clients. We transact our business in total compliance with all terms and conditions of contracts as agreed to and signed by the parties involved. For purpose of establishing competence, we concentrate on security gadgets, safety equipments, Industrial tools like iron and steel products directly from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and procurement services. Our aim is to achieve a leading brand that commands enthusiastic patronage in the Upstream, Midstream sector and other maintenance and production industries.

We already have good and efficient freight forwarders such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx. There are the unit of our logistics aim which simplified door to door delivery, thereby assisting company to achieve maximum cost reduction and on-time delivery. We understand that customer satisfaction is sacrosanct; our primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and we must strive to delight by helping clients achieve their business objective and build a long term partnership with them.

Our passion, commitment and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction will on no doubt earn us unparallel client retention rate and will go a long way in helping us maintain our legacy as a premium indigenous company.

In other to achieve this purpose, we focus on providing reliable services by spreading our network with a global perspective to source products, partnerships and services that will meet the demand of an ever growing clientele base.

Based on this concept, we have some principles aimed at not just meeting the need but satisfying our clients;

  • We strive to understand our customers’ needs and suggest products to meet those needs at the most economical price.
  • We provide accurate and timely quotations to customer requests and provide sufficient product information for customer to make decisions.
  • We ensure prompt shipment of goods to meet customer delivery requirements at our agreed delivery dates.
  • We provide post- sales follow up and information to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • We continually research new ways we can continue to provide innovative solutions to our clients


Bina Energy’s vision within the guiding principle is to continue the recognition as a premium, Independent indigenous company with a clear focus of providing reliable services, delivering visible results to enhancing business performance in the Nigeria Oil & Gas, Production and Maintenance companies, above all expanding into other regions.


Our mission is to be the best-in class, end-to end solution partners, providing and delivering superior values that will reflect the vision, strength and integrity of our clients in achieving their business objectives at all cost.

Core Values (SPPICE)

  1. Speed
  2. Professionalism
  3. Passion
  4. Integrity
  5. Commitment
  6. Excellence

We do not only believe in these concepts, we practice them with every order.