Bina Energy and its family of experienced, professional and ethical employees are dedicated to providing the kind of service that our customers have come to expect. Every employee is responsible for quality service, safety, and environmental protection. Bina Energy has established the Environmental, Safety and Quality Assurance Management System with documented procedures to ensure our work will be done right the first time, every time.

Safety Policy

Bina Energy shall conduct its business in a manner to protect people from injury or damage to health, equipment, and facilities from loss of value or function. Safety and health will be given the highest priority when making decisions. Employees shall be trained in procedures to do their job safely.


Environmental, Safety & Quality Assurance Department responsible for developing and maintaining the ESQA Management System and the Safety, Health & Environmental Manual which represents the Company’s safety and environmental program. ESQA shall provide support and resources, as required, to assist in implementation and verification of this program.

Managers and Supervisors Responsible and accountable for implementing and maintaining safe operation activities over which they have control, and ensuring immediate corrective actions are taken to eliminate or control hazards.

Employees are responsible and accountable for the safety of their own actions, the use of safety devices and personal protective equipment, and for complying with safe practices and approved procedures. Work-related accidents, incidents, injuries, illnesses, and near misses shall be reported to supervisors as soon as practicable.